Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much my images will cost?

The category is determined by the quality/resolution of your image. I will be able to give a definite answer after reviewing your image(s). Keep in mind that a “Basic” retouch may fall under a different category if you are requiring additional changes from what is listed under “Basic”.

Rates are subject to change, but you would be notified and no extra payments would be requested on work that is already complete.

How are payments accepted?

I accept payments by email money transfer or PayPal prior retouching. An invoice can be provided and can be sent to your email or sent through pay pal (optional).

Do not send payments before;

  1. I have seen all of the images and heard about any specific changes you may want made.A quote is provided
  2. Turnaround time is discussed (I may be booked), you will need to know if I can meet your deadline.
  3. A quote is provided

Why are payments required before the retouching of images?

Payments are required prior to any retouching because you are paying for time and services. Pre-payments also secure your booking date. I do not accept extra money for rush services.

How do I send you my images?

You can send your images via email. For a large number of files, or files of larger size, you can send images through online file transfer service such as WeTransfer. Files transfer is also available via Drop Box.

What file types do you accept?

I accept all file types. For best results large RAW images are the best to work with. The larger the image, the more details I can work with which in turn will provide better results.


What is the smallest file size you can work with?

Minimum 800 x 500 pixels. When images are too small there is not enough detail to work with. At the most minor lighting and colour adjustments can be made.

Can you work with people worldwide?

Yes! All work can be sent and received online therefore there are no limitations on who I can work with.

Can you work with overexposed/underexposed images?

For the most part, yes. I can fix them up to a certain point and improve the overall look. Retouches will always turn out more natural and more professional with good base lighting. If you have an image you like, but want improved I can do so.

If they are not too badly overexposed or underexposed it can be done. If there is not much I can do to improve the image I will let you know.

What happens if I do not like the final photo retouch you provide?

I always want to ensure that my clients are happy with the final results. When I send back your retouched image and you want something fixed/changed I will do my best to make those changes. If there are large changes or extra retouching that was not stated beforehand, extra fees will apply.

It is not possible to please everyone, this happens only about 2% or less of the time. If a client expects magazine quality results on a low resolution image I cannot make this happen. There are also times when a client’s vision can not be described in enough detail. I will always do my best and give the best final results possible with the images and the information provided to me.

Do you provide refunds?

Refunds are not provided for work completed or even in part. Once I have spent the time working for you, the time is non-refundable. However, refunds will be provided on work that has not been completed if either party decides to discontinue the project. All remaining credit will be sent back to you, but any fees for refunds will not be covered.

Please note that PayPal Fees or any other merchant fees for refunds will not be covered by me.

Do I still own full rights to my images after you retouch them?

Yes, you will always retain full rights to your images.

Will you use my images in your portfolio?

No! I will never post images in my portfolio unless I am given permission to do so. I rarely ask to use images in my portfolio, but if I feel the image would make a great example or is different than anything I may have you may be asked.

Do you delete all photos after you complete retouching?

I keep the original and retouched files for about a month after I complete the retouching. I keep them saved for a month for the following reasons:

  1. In case you did not receive the files back properly in the uploading process
  2. You deleted the email or the files by accident
  3. Computer error

Ultimately it is your responsibility to back up your own files and keep them safe on your computer. The reason I delete them after about a month’s time is I do not have the capacity to store all my clients files. If for whatever reason you do wish me to erase the files right away, please advise.

Do you use any instant messaging services?

I do not use any instant messaging. All of my communication is done via email, which I check on a frequent basis. Emails will be answered as quickly as possible.

Do you only perform photo retouching on images of models?

No, I can work with images of animals, products, food, scenery, real estate..etc.

Are there any images you will not work with?

I will not work with any images of pornographic nature. I will work with tasteful nudes/artistic shots.