Photo Retouching Services

ChallengHer Retouch offers a variety of photo retouching and photo manipulation services. There are different levels and styles of photo retouching that can be performed on images. However, the quality of photos will play a part in the final outcome of the work. Quality in this case is referred to as low resolution or high resolution images.

I can work with all types of images and file formats but RAW images at the highest resolution are preferred. This will allow me to work with much greater detail in skin texture and hair work. Working with as much detail as possible will have a much more professional look on the final image.

Below is a list of photo retouching services with detailed information. Quotes will be provided after review of images.

Bulk rates are provided for 10 or more images at a time. Further discounts will be given for projects in bulk of 50+ images.

Levels of Retouching and Photo Manipulation

Basic Corrections

This level of retouching includes only natural lighting and colour corrections with the option of creative lighting and colour. Please note that creative lighting and colour adjustments will only be completed by request.

Basic Retouching

Basic retouching services are provided for low resolution or low quality images. There will be minimal detail to retouch and the image can only be enhanced so much. It is impossible to take a low resolution or low quality image and make it look like a professional magazine advertisement. The overall look of the image will be improved through the following:

  • Light Skin Work
  • Lighting Correction
  • Color Correction

Detailed Retouching

Detailed retouching is performed on higher resolution images. Images of this quality require much more work and time in order to achieve a quality and professional result.

Detailed retouches include everything listed under the basic retouch plus the following:

  • Lighting Correction
  • Color Correction
  • Light Skin Work
  • Body Shaping
  • Some Fly-away Hair Removal
  • Basic Background Cleanup
  • Small Clothing/Outfit Adjustments
  • Basic Tattoo Removal (if there are a large amount of tattoos to remove then rates are subject to change)
  • 2 Different Colour Copies or 1 Colour and 1 Black and White Copy can be provided by request

Photo Manipulation and Background Changes

This includes removal of existing background and replacing it with a new one.  Manipulation services also include; special effects such as: fantasy, scenery, placement of objects, placement of animals etc.

High End Retouching

This level of retouching requires high resolution images that provide a great amount of detail in skin texture and hair. Every detail will be taken care of including much more extensive hair work.

High end also includes 2 different colour copies or 1 colour and 1 black and white copy and be provided upon request free of charge

Additional Photo Retouching Services

The extras listed below will be additional or separate costs to your retouching rate.

Special Effect Overlay

Includes effect overlays on top of images such as haze, smoke, pattern etc.

Model/Object Cut-outs

This includes a full cut-out of a single model or an object. The model/object will be sent to you on a transparent background. (psd file)

Standard Background Change

This includes a background change from one solid colour to another solid colour only.