Terms and Conditions

ChallengHer Retouch operates on a first come first serve basis. This means that projects will be booked and booking dates will be secured only after payment for the project is received. Please read the sections outlined below for full details of ChallengHer Retouch terms and conditions.


ChallengHer Retouch will communicate with the client through email only. Instant messaging services are not used between ChallengHer Retouch and the client for the reason of lost time. ChallengHer Retouch will do their best to communicate with the client in a reasonable time frame. Please note that ChallengHer Retouch operates on Eastern Daylight Savings Time (GMT-4).

If feedback on images from the client is delayed, this will affect the turn around time of your images and may result in extended completion date. Multiple email threads may also slow down production and it is prefered if all thoughts are gathered and presented in one or as few emails as possible. Status updates on projects will be given to the client when updates are available.

Project Booking

As noted above, ChallengHer Retouch operates on a first come first serve basis. Priority will be given to clients who send payment. This means that if you only discuss a deadline with ChallengHer Retouch, it will not be finalized until payment is received. If you decide you would like to send payment at a later date please note that your discussed deadline may no longer be available. You can then check back again for availability.

When booking your project, I recommend viewing the booking calendar here. Please allow minimum 2-4 days for completion of your project. Note that the calendar may not be 100% accurate as things change very quickly for ChallengHer Retouch. When you select a date for your project, you will be selecting the start date. Please make sure to indicate your deadline (if one is applicable) so other clients may be booked accordingly.


Payments will be expected in full prior to the start of your project. Payment secures your booking date. Payment methods are currently one of two options: email money transfer or PayPal. All other payment methods are not currently excepted.

You may not pay a bulk rate (10+ images) and only send 5 at a time. Bulk rates will only be applied when 10 or more images are sent for retouching at one time.


Refunds will not be given for any work that has been completed in full or in part on individual images. ChallengHer Retouch provides the best results possible with the images provided. If the clients vision is not clearly communicated with ChallengHer Retouch, it is not fault of ChallengHer Retouch if the final product is not what was expected. ChallengHer Retouch is like any other business of services in that we are not only paid for skills but also our time.

Refunds may be given only under the circumstance where either party has decided to terminate the remainder of the project. The refund will only be applied to all images that were not complete at the time of terminating the remainder of the project. ChallengHer Retouch does not cover refund fees charged by PayPal.

Cancellation Fees

If a client books and pays for a project but decides to cancel the project before the start date, ChallengHer Retouch charges a cancellation fee of 20% for lost work/opportunities.

Reasons for Extra Payment on Projects

ChallengHer Retouch asks that you state any specifics prior to the start of the project. If you do not provide specifics and you request additional work after completion of your image, you may be billed extra depending on the time required for the changes.

If you require many specifics that greatly exceed the time it takes to perform the standard retouching tasks within your level of retouching, you will be required to pay more for the extra time.